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Concussion Policy

Please note our new concussion policy dictated by our insurance company:

If a coach, board member or referee suspects that a player may have a concussion, that player will be immediately removed from play. That player will not be allowed to return to TWSL games, practices/pickup or tournaments until they provide written clearance from a licensed physician.

Code of Conduct

  • This league was established to create a fun, friendly games atmosphere for participants. 

  • While we understand the spirit of competition, we also expect players to be respectful of their opponents and to consider good sportsmanship. 

  • Many players participate for good exercise. We ask that players do their best to involve all teammates in the play. 

  • We ask that players are considerate of all players and their varying level of experience and skill—even that of their opponents. 

  • We all have to work on Monday! Aggressive play, even that which is within the rules of soccer, is not part of this league’s design. Those practices are conducive to injury. 

  • We ask all players to practice good sportsmanship. If a foul is committed or a physical play takes place, make sure the offense is reconciled before continuing play

  • To respect all game officials, opponent players, teammates and fans at all times before, during or after a match.  


On and off the field, I will: 

  • Adhere to the Laws of The Game  

  • Display and promote high standards of behavior  

  • Promote Fair Play  

  • Always respect the match officials’ decisions  

  • Never engage in public criticism of the match officials   

  • Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behavior  

  • Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment     

  • Speak to my team-mates, the opposition and my coach/manager with respect.

  • Remember we all make mistakes.  

  • Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and the referee at the end of every game. 


Please keep in mind that our coaches and game officials volunteer their time for our League.  Sportsmanship will be demonstrated to our coaches and game officials as it would be demonstrated to fellow players.


Only registered team players and the respective coach should be on bench during games. Spectators are asked to sit in the bleachers. Teams are responsible for sideline fans. Please remind your fans to refrain from making comments to or about the game officials or players on the opposing team. The referee or a TWSL Board Member have the right to remove fans should spectator behavior get out of hand.


The league officials have the full power and discretion of imposing penalties on all violations of the League Code of Conduct.  For violations not listed, penalty shall be decided at the discretion of the league officials.


If you as a player, spectator or coach witness inappropriate behavior at our practices or games, please let us know about it. It’s our job to address it.

Concerns should be sent to Christina DiForte, Player Liaison email: or phone: 850-341-0086.

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All TWSL players must have a waiver on file.
Please click on the button below to access a copy.
Once complete, please email a copy to:

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